Jining nformation Port promotion methods hematemesis large exposure local station promotion methods

to do a website is not easy. Local sites in particular. When we put the site location, the content is rich, our primary task is to promote, but the local forum or website promotion friends feel most difficult, after all, according to the scope of the small, small population, it is difficult to increase the popularity of. In fact, the process of Jining information port along the way, but also with the vast majority of the same length of the local web site tangled: promotion difficult. But difficult to return, always do. Here today, Jining harbor would like to share some of the site promotion method is effective in practice to come, and we discuss work, because the length is not too short, so without further ado, directly into the subject:

1, bombing local QQ group

One of the preparatory work before the establishment of

Jining information port is to register the QQ number, and then add QQ group. This method must be everyone, each QQ number plus 100 groups, the number of QQ is also a group of 500. According to 1 groups of 100 people, the group is the 50 thousand potential users of the group of 500.

2, the establishment of the site QQ group

will focus on the Jining information port users gathered here together to give advice and suggestions, the development of the website, make them owners feel. In addition, you can also discuss some of the hot topics in the local, often engage in some activities (such as travel ah, buy it), they will be your site’s most loyal Fans.

3, friends and family

Jining port of information has not been ignored since the establishment of the potential power around. Jining information port always let friends and colleagues in the first time, family members understand the latest developments, such as site activities, revision, the new policy. With their help, Jining information port in the operation of the benefit. A method which is actually more old-fashioned, whether it is the construction of local information port type website or other types of sites, many webmaster intentionally or unintentionally, is the first time to own website promotion to his friend.

4, local forum, post bar

Jining has several local forums adhesion is good, user loyalty is relatively high, there are some of the most old users of Internet users, Jining information port of course did not miss this elite weapon. Local forum, post bar has become the first access to the flow of information in Jining group. But in this propaganda must grasp a skill and the degree of the problem, too far.

5, Internet cafes to promote

Jining information port at present through the efforts of 22 Internet cafes to have reached a cooperation agreement, Jining information port for these Internet cafes provide some cheap mouse pad consumables, in exchange for these Internet browser home page, desktop computer and other available resources for their own advertising. The effect is pretty good.

6, leaflets, mopping up cell

this method, although a little less environmentally friendly, but the effect is very good, do >

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