0 how do get the cost of getting 25000 fans

recently made a number of public water, pushing a link to share resources activities, the response is also very good, an increase of 25 thousand fans, the public, all of a sudden jump from 0 to 10 in a big amount of tweets, browsing activities also reached 15W, after all, first, to have such the result is satisfactory.


although some public numbers to see me this to do the good, also get past wholly intact copy and paste, but the results are flat, they may only see the effect of activity level, not from the operational planning level to think about such a possible means of low but looks brought some effective activities, so the general elements and this paper through the operation activity structure to the interpretation of this event, and we hope to be able to communicate and share.



1. Cognition and fine design in the early stage of activity

The number of public

positioning: WeChat group share information and resources in the community, dry cargo.

target user groups: want to improve themselves, get some new skills of the workplace, college students.

select the point of interest: fixed the user base, we have to think about what they want to meet, what to meet the problem. Users are white, all love to worship God, for all things are full of great fear; what is workplace learning, extensive and common needs, is the people of what is popular, but it is best to use frequency is relatively high; although users love to learn, but also want to be lazy to make things out of being praised, this is the common needs of people. Based on these considerations, we use PPT resources as a guide to the interests of users. It is also very good understanding of resources and curriculum of the PPT class market is the hottest selling, also brought a lot of PPT Master, college students often do homework course PPT speech, professionals have to do the work report, compared with the Word Excel PPT, it is no longer the demand is big. Do not look good, to the God of the template is the best choice, the concept of "lazy PPT template" finally the median user pain points.


: the title content to attract users to the package, but also a copy of packaged, is not only to show its value to attract users, but also to let the user feel this big gift beyond expectations, feel at any price to get the value of. The title was exaggerated, is to do the title of the party, the use of the history of the most fried their own value, let your PPT from the cattle force in the middle of the little white pain points, draw a blueprint for them. With the title attraction point, you have to use text to drive the user’s behavior. The inside of the text has to be tall, PPT rich resources have a map with the truth, to borrow Taobao store PPT resources and then modify the text

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