Google large-scale ban Chinese cheating website documentary (1)

Google blew the whistle? Why large-scale cleaning the Chinese cheating sites? Want to find information on the Internet? Google! This once the domestic netizens as fashionable experience with Google is more and more near the pace off.2005 in March 26th, Google began a large-scale clean-up of so-called Chinese cheating sites, within two months, and thousands of Chinese website


Google bright "red card"

hao123 has been lifted, but my station has not been included in Google." This paper before the deadline, a netizen still complained to reporters on the QQ. The so-called "closed" refers to the largest Chinese site navigation station was Google included, and hao123 Google was deleted in the database is only a few days earlier just happened.

5 mid July days, almost simultaneously with hao123 Google sealing off there are many Chinese site navigation station, but only hao123 was soon Google reincluding, industry insiders believe that this is the owner of hao123, Chinese search engine Baidu Google to appeal the results. Hao123 was only a personal website, 2004 was acquired by Baidu Inc more than the price of 10 million yuan, and now Google is one of the shareholders of the Baidu Inc, holds a 3% stake in Baidu.


for Google, hao123 should be one of their own, otherwise it will not be so soon." An employee at a domestic search engine company told reporters that in Google to delete a web site data from the database, even if reincluding, often have to wait months or half a year, "hao123 the abnormal unsealing speed is only one possibility, that is Google in the use of manual intervention means, while Baidu and Google communication is very important."

hao123 why will be Google off? The search engine industry may be able to interpret the different answers, one of them is to attract the attention of the Google is to Chinese before formally entering the mainland market, borrow to fight in the blockade of hao123 Baidu search Chinese biggest rival in the field of. But one of the Google is Baidu’s shareholders, but this is the only site navigation station against the hao123 family, and now only hao123 will soon be closed, if it is Google to give hao123, seems to have no reason to block other site navigation station. More importantly, some know hao123 friends told reporters that in the network traffic of hao123 access, brought about by the Google flow is very small, "less than 1%", so "Google sealing off actually influence on hao123 is very small".

"maybe because hao123 used some SE>

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