The domestic small and medium-sized enterprise to the brand strategy erroneous understanding

with the continuous improvement of people’s material life, consumers began to pursue the brand, but also at this time businesses have begun to be optimistic about the market need to care about the existence of the brand. The status of "brand" has been rising, but there are a lot of mistakes in the brand strategy in some small and medium-sized enterprises in china. This is summed up in three points:

1, the visibility as a high-value brand.

the establishment of a brand is not just a well-known on the OK, and visibility is only a condition of brand value. Many companies blindly pursue fame to make money in the end, because the connotation of the brand is not enough, positioning is not accurate, caused by improper means of communication.

2, brand building is more important than product sales

present a lot of enterprises leaders believe that the product sales is good, strong brand is not important, it is now on the market competition of the same kind product variety, performance and quality almost, only price competition in terms of sales, the effect is not very good. Take what we can see (NOKIA mobile phone) in the minds of consumers has established a unique brand image, is a powerful way to expand product differentiation and improve competitive advantage. The fact that the importance of brand is to focus on customers.

3, the lack of long-term corporate brand building

a lot of small and medium enterprises is the lack of persistence, lack of long-term systematic construction, in order to build a good brand, not just propaganda, promotion, spending and complete, it is a long-term and stable management system.

personally think that enterprises want to quickly establish their own brands, we need to do much work, but also need to launch a long-term executable, the system can supervise the work, reasonable to arrange to adhere to this can establish long-term stable brand image.

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