Secret 5 kinds of day earn 1000 yuan WeChat money model


said we are not unfamiliar, because now WeChat can be said to have become popular in the network can not access the social aspects of the social communication tool, the frequency of use is more than Tencent qq. Through the official presentation of the current Tencent book data, the current WeChat registered users have more than 800 million, such a huge data, almost occupied the national population of 2/3.


has now entered the era of micro, but many people are not aware of the existence of micro era opportunities in the next few years, the advent of 5G networks will be the outbreak of the era of micro business, now if you are not aware of the future business opportunities to make money, then you can only be the one.

for a lifetime!The

also take advantage of the time, do not want to let more people with micro business opportunities to share their side pass, do some action to make money to you, these are my money behavior in some layout, is to be better able to cut into the era of hidden opportunities.


because I almost can be said to have played very well, by creating a circle of friends, my annual income of more than 1 million, which is the WeChat commercial value, so they share 5 WeChat money here, at least any one of these 5 ways, all have been so on my income is in 1000 yuan of above, if you do not believe, can be PK, the strength of the people will not be afraid of any challenge, only the network will spray lip off skill.

way to make money 1: WeChat group to make money

many people are not optimistic about the WeChat group, WeChat group has been considered to be a variety of online advertising to fill, there is no effect, if you are in this perspective to think of it, it is wrong. Because there are some things, you can have a different perspective. On the network to make money too, if you stand on the angle of promoting, you see the ads everywhere, but you stand in the main point of view, that is RMB everywhere, why say, don’t explain, you look.


saw trading volume people not, this is the WeChat group in a way to make money, so many times we are in some fixed thinking, it was really hard to jump out, if you want to make money is not the same with others, have with others are not the same as the work of thinking.

way to make money 2: WeChat white money

micro signal and QQ number is the same, the older the more valuable, the previous 5, the number of QQ number 6 to now more valuable, I do not have to say that you know, the same is true of the micro signal, the older the more valuable micro signal. Perhaps you did not do this piece of WeChat, WeChat needs may not know. At present, due to the management of WeChat is more and more strict, the number of micro business for the old WeChat demand increasing.

take my own, now I have thousands of tiny signals and QQ numbers

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