Baidu Post Bar promotion skills and experience

Baidu post bar is the popularity of any web site can not be compared, so Baidu post bar is the best way to promote the site! Interesting is: stick in the promotion and content title has a great relationship! According to the content of your website to promote, we often see some people in the bar inside promotion: XXXXXXXXX China’s largest XXXXX. Ha ha, this effect? Two words – garbage. We must pay attention to the promotion of:

1, not promotion should have the value of the whole station, the contents of the station. Such as: your website is webmaster, then you must find your station can attract the most webmaster articles posted to turn (just published, or users see less. It is best to own original)

2, you have to stand in the perspective of visitors to the title. We know that the title of the content is generally the key to attract users, if your title is not appropriate, then no matter how good the article, it is difficult to attract the attention of others. I simply say how do I take the title of the article! (statement: it may be related to my website AD, however, I have the experience and the secrets are passed to you, you do not give me a few IP) yesterday I saw a very valuable SEO tutorial. I decided to promote him to Baidu post bar inside. But the title of the SEO tutorial is a bit wasted, because this kind of article online title. Some of the content is not written on the SEO, a serious impact on the image of the SEO tutorial. I changed the title, because it is said to have been used to achieve this tutorial to achieve the daily 10000IP traffic, so I directly take the title: the site is less than 10000IP days to see the natural flow of the webmaster! Title and content are good, the next is to promote the promotion to find the right place to promote. For example, you put the tutorial to the game inside, of course, the effect is very poor. I according to the title of the scope and content of his promotion to the site and flow inside it, received good results! But beware: Post Bar ultimate goal is to others or to solve the problem, you can’t get a good title is to attract visitors to your website, the title must be able to attract users to your website, but also appropriate to solve other people’s problems, so as not to spoil a good the title. Perhaps accidentally annoyed the user, your station report……

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