Thousands of P month earned thousands of dollars

do stand difficult!

a person to do stand more difficult!

a man without money do stand is really difficult!

a no money no experience who is really hard to do stand on the blue sky


so I have come, spent 3 years as a webmaster, not a station, is really very ashamed, this is just a recent experience I tell you, we hope to help a bit


1 positioning: I do is a professional station, do is the city’s computer city website. The main content is to provide some information about the computer city, offer, etc..

2: first to do promotion links and some sites, such as selective do, and some local site, some sites of the same type, and then go to Baidu know and Post Bar each few a few days, Baidu is collected.

3 process: to go to the city’s computer city to know and understand, to find a relatively large computer company that you want to take a part-time job, to bring people to the computer, give you a commission.

4: pay a small printing and then their name card to the computer city stores, some small, to promote their own website, let the computer city businesses to become a member, oh, let them help you post the update, I believe that this is not what is.

5 Summary: I believe that some people can do a lot, I have been in the Baidu search, such as Xiamen and Fuzhou city Fujian, computer city sites have no, or very similar, oh, so this is certainly feasible.

The effect of

on the IP website: I up to about one hundred and thirty, usually eighty or ninety IP, their antecedents are * * * * computer search computer city, city offer such words to my website, is the intention to buy a computer, I have a QQ on the site, a lot of me ask the price of the computer. Ha ha, so I took these people to the computer city to match the computer city, a day into 100. But one day can often two or three, sometimes not, a month down, 2000 yuan is no problem.

Oh, you can open the Internet cafe in 2008, just a customer would like to 80 computers, if you get this month on the record breaking, hey hey!

and AD: web site dedicated website, welcome to join! Writing is not good, exercise, do not throw bricks


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