Minon domain said 3 digital domain is too harsh

renamed China (eName.cn) June 12th news, since the beginning of the 360.com domain, 3 digital domain name market continued to rise, and that the recent domain name 885.com price reached seven, while the previous investor Huang Zhenxuan Benz and watermelon teamed up to 7 digit price down 651.com. 3 torrents of digital domain name investment gains, people is to see how the 3 digital domain name



figure: domain name

good domain name will naturally appreciate

most investors optimistic attitude to the digital domain name is currently 3, investors Blackhawk (micro signal: zhanyifeng) 3 digital domain are scarce, easy to remember, he is more optimistic about the future, "the digital domain name will usher in a blowout peak, a lot of excellent digital domain name is very valuable. There will be more cases of high prices, but also in line with the market transactions."


domain name 651.com buyers Huang Zhenxuan (micro signal: yumingshoucang) about 3 digital domain name, "stock 1000, in fact, has consumed a lot, the price will have a certain appreciation of each master, or have the possibility of out of circulation. In addition, he thinks that the 3 digital domain may compared with the 2 digital domain name intends to "the market basically no, any, not minon or terminal can afford".

domain name investors what (micro signal: deng-ys) also believes that the 3 number will rise, "3 digital.Com hard currency, with 8 better" goods with better domain name will be more valuable, with the numbers "8" in his view, and the whole 100 domain (100.com), domain name service number (114.com). "Very valuable".

fire currency network co-founder Du Junyi optimistic about the development of the 3 digital domain name, the long-term bullish on the scarcity of the species, the Internet continues to develop, increasing demand, while supply remains unchanged, prices will rise". Investors Dapeng that "a great appreciation of space 3 digital 2 figures in the increasingly expensive cases".

double unlikely

investors also believe that the price of 3 digital domain has reached a relatively stable range, the possibility of value-added is not. The domain name investor fly (micro signal: fjr1618) that "3 digital gaming website domain name is preferred, with the market prices basically does not have a big change, but the" hold 3 digital com, the most basic guarantee of its chips will not fall."


domain name investor Dai Yue (micro signal: bjdaiyue) is that the 3 digital domain name is good, but due to the current value is high enough, "the millions of domain names should again be difficult", he is more optimistic about the 3 personal letters are more likely to double the domain name.

3 digital domain name will be the next investor to seize the high

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