Behind the first case of mobile porn the owner was a star

yesterday, is located in Hefei City, Qianshan, a district of 519 room door closed. You may not think that the largest mobile phone network in the country to crack down on the spread of pornographic cases, color frog network case took place here. The case was a "hero" Sheng campus entrepreneurial star, but now he can only squat behind bars.

, the national anti pornography Office recently released the program, the six-month combat mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic information special action from December this year to the end of May next year. Program clear, clean up the site will be completed in 2010 before the spring festival.

network started

network achievements campus star

in March, just graduated from a university in Anhui Sheng founded his own third companies – Anhui color frog Technology Co., ltd.. Three company he founded all related with the network, the first establishment of the company, Sheng mougang university the second grade.

in the construction of the school network, as a student of a lot of effort, a semester, he was elected president of the Institute of computer science. Because of the expertise of the computer, a chance, Sheng a company to undertake a website construction business. After the construction of the site will be overtime, Sheng received a reward of 4000 yuan, which makes him feel excited.

sophomore, to see the company to build the site contains a huge business opportunities, Sheng and a few like-minded friends set up a network design center, designed specifically for the enterprise website. Subsequently, Sheng took a lot of business, earn a lot of money. Through a year of experience accumulation, he renamed the network design center network technology Co., ltd..

in 2005, at a friend’s introducer, Sheng began to get involved in the field of mobile phone WAP (wireless application protocol, which can be used to transmit the information on the network to the mobile phone or other wireless communication terminal).

In order to study the

WAP2.0 mobile technology, he spent nearly 1 months of self-study, finally the independent development of the mobile phone WAP website, named "color frog", provide the mobile phone download service, pictures, ringtones, games, movies, novels, etc.. After that, a company will be registered to move to Shanghai, but the background is still in Anhui.

website metamorphic

color frog into a rare yellow frog

however, although the mobile phone Internet people has reached 90 million in 2005, but the "color frog net" did not immediately give Sheng a wealth of venture investment, also want to work with them once, but in the end they settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

how to do? Since 2006, Sheng a rush into danger began to spread pornographic content. 2007, its wrongdoing was investigated. In order to continue to grab profits, Sheng a return to Anhui, registered a number of companies to cover, and then through the development of a new company in Anhui

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