Dating sites collective Transformation counter attack line platform upgrade

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if the dating site in five years ago to become a model of the Internet to change the traditional industry, today, this model will encounter a collective dilemma. In the traditional mode of relying on communication services charges encounter bottlenecks in the growth of the environment, the marriage website quietly took place a collective transformation.


three marriage website Jiayuan earnings revealed a crisis, a quarter of the net profit decline of 36%, this is not just a single enterprise’s dilemma. Under the impact of mobile dating, the problem of the decline of traditional dating site viscosity so that we have begun to find a way out, one is to find fast money from the online regression line, the other way is to upgrade the social platform.

counter attack line to make quick money

is an online dating website, the traditional "dating" "matchmaker" onto the Internet service, and various online dating sites, but in recent years has begun to reverse the line "return" to seek new profit point.

According to the

CEO Lily network matchmaker Tian said, Lily network from 2007 began to try the line of stores, but until 2009, at a loss, until 2009 the first profitable line shop.

due to the complex localization line, Lily network chose to "join" way to solve: cable data on the utilization of Lily resources, guide customers to the line from the line, "matchmaker" offers consulting services for customers, recommend to customers, annual fee and other expenses, and to join Lily network to store revenues, the average customer price of each customer more than 1000 yuan.

up to now, Lily network has been set up in more than and 60 cities across the country under the line of stores, and in 2012 the price of more than 300 million stores under the line, accounting for more than the annual income of more than Lily network.

Jiayuan, the existing 12 stores under the line. From the line store revenue, more than 10% of the income online platform, the future will continue to expand investment, also hope that the next line stores can generate more revenue.

to make network, has been through the online registration, the line "matchmaker" introduced the model of treasure in the network company, the distribution of each city in the country of the "matchmaker" have as many as 2000.

Tian Fanjiang will be the transformation as a fashionable term "O2O", one of the industry also admitted that this way is the original site in marriage to the traditional "matchmaking reverse regression", hope that through the line "quick money", to a certain extent, the original line of business growth the bottleneck, the line has become a new profit growth point. Jiayuan has just released earnings in the two quarter, online service net year and sequential revenue has increased, but the monthly average of 5 million 320 thousand users, compared to the same period last year 5 million 330 thousand and 5 million 430 thousand last quarter decline, coupled with rising costs, directly lead to Jiayuan net profit for the quarter fell by up to 36%. >

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