Jilin imposed a forum moderator name system

City Evening News reported in February 2nd February 1st, the 13 departments of the provincial public security department, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial high, provincial Procuratorate jointly held a teleconference deployment in January 2008 to September in the province to continue to carry out the law regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action. Reporters learned at the meeting, the future of our province will enforce the real name system, BBS forum moderator sent after the first trial, broadcast TV must go through the relevant departments of the examination on the Internet in the future.

focus on combating the spread of pornographic information mobile phone

it is understood that the regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action will focus on a large number of dissemination of information, using the Internet and mobile phone in illegal profits, launched overseas pornographic websites to domestic dissemination of pornographic information, membership development, organization of online shows and online and engage in online fraud, prostitution and gambling and theft sales of contraband and other criminal activities. Web site released illegal drug advertising, sexually transmitted diseases prevention and advertising and online vulgar bad information is also within the scope of remediation.

forum thread must be sent after the first trial of

I will enforce the real name system and the forum moderator forum thread sent after the first trial system. The audio and video program website without the approval of the release of the film and television drama, refused to fulfill the responsibility for the provision of Internet information services and false filing information, will be punished by the relevant departments. Before the end of February this year, across the province to provide Internet audio-visual program website and Podcast (video sharing), blog, mobile phone audio service units to focus on the organization to carry out an online pornographic and vulgar adverse information on the clean-up campaigns to do a thorough cleaning of the site in question, column title, video, ensure to purify and improve the people truly feel the network environment during the spring festival. (source: City Evening News Author: Zhang Shuang)

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