China broadband entertainment network was 100 million angel investment

recently, reporters learned that a company called China broadband entertainment network video website obtained from Beijing Shun Shengshi Investment Limited 100 million yuan huge angel investment, and surprisingly, investment, China broadband entertainment network is not on the line.

The traditional

network video industry to help solve profit puzzle

in 2007, China’s video site has maintained a strong momentum of development, but venture capital has slowed the pace of investment". Although close to the end of the year, Youku got $25 million in the third round of financing, I also get the second round of music $20 million financing, but these financing is more of a continuation of the inertia of capital. Throughout the 2007, basically no new video sites to get investment, while China’s broadband entertainment network is the only exception, she is in the end what is to impress the capital side of it?

The person in charge of

Shun Shengshi investment company said, in fact also understand a lot of Shun flourishing video website, but these sites generally existing profit model is not clear, content homogenization problem, this kind of project investment risk is too big. The China broadband entertainment network was founded in the beginning will have a perfect "hematopoietic" mechanism and a clear profit model, which is different China broadband entertainment network and other video sites, but also the root causes of the prosperity of Shun investment.

According to the

China broadband entertainment network president Li Jian introduced his website will not only provide a common video website can provide services, but also for their own concert, tickets, and advertising revenue through the line to maintain the site’s survival. In addition, China’s broadband entertainment network will also be webcast live concert, while charging a fee. Li Jian is expected in the first period of time, the line will become the main source of income, however, with the gradual expansion of the influence of the site, online revenue will exceed the line. Li Jian believes that due to the number of seats without the Internet, geographical restrictions, the potential of the internet live concert is almost unlimited.

, however, Li Jian also admitted that, from the point of view of revenue alone, the site is more like a traditional entertainment companies, rather than Internet Co. But it is precisely because of this, their own website than other video sites more persistent, operational risk is also smaller.

survival of the fittest video field adjustment soon

In fact,

, experienced in 2006 after the brilliant video website, has entered a period of adjustment, founder Wang Wei has said publicly for hundreds of domestic video website, which most certainly will disappear in future." Shanghai cohesion Media Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Yao Xin also said that in the next two years, more than 90% of the video site will disappear." You look at the network CEO Li Zhu is pessimistic about the ratio of the video site will be eliminated in 99%.

"we all know the status of the industry, and now is more than who can hold up to the last." An industry source said.

the actual situation is that now China’s top

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