Net letter office management network extortion paid delete posts released 9 long-term mechanism

recently, reporters learned from the national network information office, the national network information office and other four departments nationwide joint "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification rectification has a successful ending, get a warm welcome from all walks of life, its effectiveness is highly positive and positive evaluation. Taking into account the relevant management work in the long-term, complicated and arduous, the national network information office decided that in the special rectification after the relevant work will carry out normalization, establish and implement the nine long-term mechanism, to ensure that people live, pipe, tube well, to continuously consolidate and deepen the rectification the results of the work, continue to push forward the cyberspace cool and bright.

these nine long-term working mechanism is:

one, the establishment of a standardized working system. Establish and improve the national network information office, including the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the State Administration of press and publication, the daily Internet management coordination mechanism, continue to promote the "network involving extortion and paid posts", investigating cases reported receiving work. Requirements of the Department of the network around the letter led the establishment of specialized work force and funding in the territory.

two, the establishment of a standardized complaint reporting mechanism. In the Chinese Internet Illegal and bad information on the website of the center for a long time to maintain a network of extortion and paid delete posts. In China, the network opened a network extortion and paid delete posts exposure column, regularly publish information related to illegal websites.

three, the establishment of the victim protection mechanism. Led by the national network information office, the relevant departments to strengthen communication and cooperation with the government, inter ministerial coordination mechanism to establish a set of protection of victims of enterprises, guidance and help companies to resist the "network extortion and paid posts", safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

four, the introduction of administrative regulations. Improve governance network extortion and paid delete posts administrative regulations, developed to publish, delete and other ways to deal with the behavior of the Internet information specification, from the regulatory level to define and clear.

five, the establishment of the network under the collaborative work platform. To promote the collaborative disposal platform to establish coverage across departments online network, realize the clue notification, collaborative disposal, the results of feedback and other functions, to ensure the high efficient operation, the first time found that the problem of illegal disposal.

six, improve internal control measures. Continue to supervise and guide the website to improve the internal work system, standardize the key links of the work process, establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation and incentive and restraint mechanisms; improve the deletion of the admissibility of the request, disposal mechanism.

seven, strengthen the construction of technical means. Continue to build and promote the website and account of illegal behavior database and practitioners of illegal acts such as the database to improve and use, fully and accurately record relevant information network paid delete posts extortion and "illegal behavior, to provide evidence and basis for law enforcement and supervision.

eight, strengthen the supervision of the masses. Continue to carry out special rectification in various parts of the network Department of the letter to the site of the Commissioner stationed stationed practices, open to hire a public supervisor to help strengthen the supervision of various types of sites, especially the central New

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