Hurricane Trojan hijacked Baidu search engine search

May 5th afternoon news, recently, posting a large number of users reflect the "Baidu search can automatically jump to the Sogou, accompanied by the browser home page has been tampered or phenomenon. After 360 security center analysis, these users of the computer was a hurricane Trojan violation, the Trojan is usually bundled with a player called hurricane video player.

According to the

360 security experts, general advertising program will only tamper with the browser home page, damage is too strong to not yet, "hurricane Trojan" is a devastating malignant Trojan, it to protect themselves by hijacking the trick users network, prevent most mainstream security software online upgrade. Once the Trojan file is deleted by anti-virus software or user, it will cause the computer off the network, it is difficult for ordinary users to repair their own.


explanation: the recent large number of netizens "

feedback strokes phenomenon with Baidu Sogou change"

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