Medicine or drugs Analysis of six kinds of extension method study

means drink wine drinking poison to quench thirst, thirst, analogy to solve the present difficulties in the wrong way, regardless of the consequences. Often in the enterprise network promotion through a poison phenomenon, very means of making web traffic increases quickly, get returns, but once stopped, website traffic will avalanche plunged more than the network promotion also have to continue to increase investment, continue to be put. As the network promotion this phenomenon like drug addiction generally drink poison to quench thirst, can get temporary effect, but eventually harm to others, not only to promote the speed of operation cost increase, will eventually dragged across the enterprise, therefore, as the main body of the enterprise network promotion, must be vigilant enough to this phenomenon.

A variety of means of

enterprise network to promote diversity, the majority are in line with the regular promotion, however, there are seven kinds of promotion methods are most likely to lead to the results: the



there is no doubt that for the general industry in terms of competitive ranking is definitely a love and hate to make it a means of promotion. The so-called love, is that PPC operating properly, can get immediate and lucrative returns, can improve enterprise performance effectively; and hate, refers to the bidding price is expensive, and can not stop, once stopped, it will return to dull performance. This type of promotion to the negative impact of the enterprise is huge, PPC as network promotion of drugs, can make enterprise unable to stop, and slowly emptied the enterprise funds, eventually make the enterprise marketing cost component is huge, and the gains are not proportional to.

2 event marketing

I do not know when, from the micro film, micro advertising, as the representative of the event marketing method swept the Internet, a common means of network marketing. If you’re bold, thick skinned enough to sacrifice, or dare to throw money, fame is not impossible. So the natural emergence of a number of companies to help you hype hype. Do a lot of business are also attracted to this, not to really think about how to do the product quality and reputation, but an attempt to make the finished products through the hype overnight, in order to gain income. I have not met dozens of such enterprises, in their eyes, network promotion do not need a lot of hard work, spend a lot of money, but a good gimmick, good ideas, can easily and quickly become famous. But actually? Event marketing is standing behind a well organized team, they are carefully planned, behind the scenes to find a selling point, but also hired Navy, employ media reports, these things the cost is not small, sometimes even than the conventional marketing costs more. In addition, through the event marketing awareness is not for a long time, the development of the network is constantly changing, with the passage of time, the new event will cover the old incident light, the long time, netizens will not remember you, the visibility of the enterprise will decrease rapidly the number of geometric type, finally get the money.

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