Local car network services business car rental program

: how to profit local car network, has been, we are arguing. There are very few friends are willing to share the operating experience, Hangzhou car network to the line, slowly groping, trying to cooperate, the recent discovery of line activities is a good way out. In this paper, the current cooperation with the Hangzhou automobile network car rental company’s operating practice, summed up the planning case, hoping to provide the necessary help to the webmaster friends admin5.

1 Hangzhou commercial car rental market

(1) business car rental company’s market and regional division

At present, Hangzhou

brand car rental company ranking in the top six are: 1, Hangzhou Peng Baoda car rental Co. Ltd; 2, Hangzhou City Car Leasing Co. Ltd.; 3, Hangzhou renwoxing car rental Co. Ltd; 4, Hangzhou Hui Chun car rental Co. Ltd; 5, smart Time Travel Co. company; 6, Hangzhou Jun is a car rental company. At present, business car rental market in Hangzhou is about more than 3 thousand units, of which the most favored by customers in Buick GL8, JAC refine, guangben Odyssey, Ford transit, popular, Jinbei, Hangzhou car rental business accounted for 80% of the market share. Buick in Hangzhou rental market is very good, mainly because of the high position, Buick GL8 is in the commercial vehicle ride comfort, stable performance, and moderate price, usually to come to Hangzhou to attend the activities, meeting the first car.

(2) traditional season

The traditional off-season

car rental market in Hangzhou in April, 3, May is due to start rising again, some national holidays during the 6, 7, August into September stabilized, significant growth, ushered in the first peak in October during the national day, during this period of time to travel to Hangzhou with more people. 11, in December will be part of the decline, but also to maintain a high level, during the period since the business car customers since Hangzhou to attend business activities. During the Spring Festival will be hot, usually ahead of half a month to rent a car, 80% car rental customers return for foreign workers, 20% of the customers in Hangzhou for the local residents, mainly to visit the relatives and friends, or family travel.

2 commercial vehicle customer range

(1) long-term car rental

most of the enterprises are resident in Hangzhou, offices, etc., or to provide commuters commuting service.

(2) conference car

in the nearby city of Hangzhou or held conferences, such as business group of vehicles, and the meeting on behalf of VIP transport, sightseeing or group of vehicles.

(3) culture and sports, festival activities

held a large-scale cultural and sports activities, in or around Hangzhou city for all kinds of festival activities, such as festival activities of the car, a VIP reception car.

(4) Exhibition (Bo Lan) will be car

in Hangzhou

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