How to choose the right investor in daily communication

author introduced his many years of entrepreneurial financing experience, investors and investors are the choice of two-way, enterprises seeking investment, should choose the most appropriate investment partner.

Shortly after

spoke at the Midatlantic Venture conference, I began to get a phone call. As a successful venture of three CEO and a respected rising founder, I have aroused the interest of investors stand head and shoulders above others. I agree that there are many reasons to speak at the meeting, but not because I am looking for an immediate investment. In fact, it is precisely because I have been the three venture, I am more focused on long-term interests – useful and slow growth. I am well aware of the need to bear the burden of financing too soon, and I am not prepared to accept external investment until the company is ready.

that is to say, when the call from the conference participants came in, I just picked up some. I didn’t get a call from VC. I knew I wasn’t interested in venture capital, but I got a call from Holdings Company. It was four years ago, and it was not until this autumn that I made my first financing. When I finally started with potential equity partners carefully negotiations, all people think that my strategy is almost unheard of — most founders thought he was going to wait until it came into contact with investors began to receive financing. But it took me 4 years to get in touch with them before I was ready.

I can’t say I’m a prophet, or this is my conscious strategy. But looking back, it was a very meaningful step. I learned a lot from the other end of the phone, and four years later, my company benefited a lot. The following is I learned why and how to establish relations with investors, you may think it is early, you don’t need it, but in fact, you need


1 takes advantage of investor calls, including their questions and your answers, as one of the ways to look at your company’s long-term positioning. In the beginning, investors call by young colleagues, they always ask the same thing: our goal, now how to do, and I expect next year for emerging markets, we are concerned about and recurring income and loss of some problems. The two is the most critical to assess the SaaS of the company’s two projects. These are some basic problems, but they train me, let me more in with customers and potential customers to discuss financial and market. Although you may worry about sharing a little, but in the end, the information will always be found by those who have a strong search ability. Even if someone wants to copy our model, but we are developing very fast, I am not worried about this point.

2 when you are still in the market to collect relevant information. Since a large part of my business is to help businesses build and influence a variety of societies, a part of the call is about. I use the electricity

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