How to effectively improve the site traffic

1, diligence: I am very recommended to do so, if one thing you did not spend much effort to do it, then I can only say that you are GOD, admire!

2, brain: a diligent enough, must be diligent in thinking basis, find their own website, and good at solving, can obtain the effective growth.

3, adhere to: do not because of the development of the site and their expectations from the big give up, this may be the most difficult point.

OK, we are talking about one aspect of

1, diligence means we do stand passion, can also be a website update and rich, now too much on acquisition, I used a manual, procedures are, but the effect of it, unless your station itself has a base case, need an order of magnitude increase, so I recommend, or otherwise come slowly, I suggest that the patient, find a boutique, small and fine, it is easier to pull the visitor’s heart.

2, brain refers to the website operation process will continue to look for your traffic problem, why not go, your keyword ranking why so far, why not keep visitors etc..

I took a

meter and 100M space to do the test, one and a half months to a total station at present, visit IP3000, may be a lot of master read will be very funny, I am here to emphasize, I more expression to a friend in need.

OK, we discuss, first of all, the station I use static simulation, installed a bunch of thieves, oh, and then put on some of their original Dongdong, login search engine, very smooth, and a friend of PR=3 station hang connection.

from debugging to all the contents of the collection, spent 3 days, basically no tube, after half a month, I see third party statistics, visit IP1000, more than and 10 key words in Baidu home page, the location is very near the top, it is these words brought me flow.

then I Baidu keyword query by keyword analysis, the emphasis here a little, don’t look for hot, the short term can not be ranked in the top 3 pages, as to find some day to visit 200~500, included in the page is not much, so the barrier and the way, and can obtain a good effect. I used to "talk" to do the analysis, included a bunch of chat rooms, the flow has a great improvement, in the continuous update of the week, basically is to search for people are kept, because hot "chat" is energy-saving, has a large user base (I’m just here, for example, is not recommended), unstable and continue to refresh the page.

IP flow rate remained above 1600, very stable, suddenly one day off, I query analysis, confirmation is a most visited key is blocked, this also shows that rely on search engine traffic is a risk, after all, the initiative is not in our hands. >

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