Detailed analysis of the ten advantages and disadvantages of network marketing

now enterprises choose the case of network marketing network marketing is more and more, including SEO, PPC, forum posting, soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, email marketing, micro-blog marketing, video marketing, image promotion, word-of-mouth marketing and other ten major categories of


know that the word SEO may not know, network marketing, including SEO, network marketing is a comprehensive category, and SEO is the branch of network marketing.

advantage: SEO advantage is to rely on the site as the media, publishing information, the optimization of keywords, in order to get the search engine rankings. Bring traffic to the site, bring the amount of views.

drawbacks: some of the more hot keywords may not be ranked by SEO, it is difficult to see the effect in the short term.

two. PPC

through the purchase of Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Tianya forum and other large portal sites to get the site traffic.

advantage: in the short term will be able to get a good ranking, for some large enterprises, pre do network promotion is a must!

disadvantages: the price is expensive, small and medium enterprises is difficult to bear high advertising costs

three. Forum post

World Forum, economic talk, Sina Economic Forum and other small and medium-sized enterprise product promotion forum posting.

advantages: a wide range of good network publicity, if can through cooperation with sina, NetEase, Sohu and other major forum moderators, let them put the website article top Jiajing, more conducive to improve website visibility, enhance a sense of trust,

!The disadvantage of

: large-scale enterprise wide net, the website posting quality is certainly not high, and delete rate is extremely high, resulting in a lot of website post, can not see the effect. And post survival rate is very low!

four. Soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion is the network editors for website product style, categories and advantages for write forum published articles, these articles including forum posts, blogs, Post Bar articles, three articles and with different requirements for website promotion write articles, require a relatively high


advantage: the article type involves a wide range, readability strong, to optimize the keywords ranking is good! Is the main force of website promotion!

The disadvantage of

: the category, the writing is difficult, requires editing the level is high, and need a lot of the original, so the quality problems can not keep up, leading to low readability solution! Please professional editors write high quality articles


five. Blog promotion

blog promotion includes Sina blog, NetEase blog, Sohu blog, Tianya blog and other large blog media

advantage: blog account more than one account

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