My view on the basic promotion methods of industry station

valve 234 nets for the column, this website is to improve the online trading platform for the valve, then our keyword is nothing more than according to the professionals to provide the valve gate valve and so on. Net, in Baidu, the first page of the words is full of promotion, we can’t do it. So we’ll do it on the website.

customer data collection

find a cracked version of the E-mail acquisition, acquisition under the industry news keywords in the E-mail contact, then you can use email or send them a manual E-MAIL write some about this website, and understanding, and can provide service, because we are the industry, so attention is not the size of the flow, but to the people what is, even if you have 10 thousand day IP but only 10 people in the industry, so or fail, but if this is 1000IP in the industry accounted for 10, so we are successful. Therefore, our industry is only professionals face. Reasonable use of good blog, good external connection, a gateway of the blog can not be less, every day to keep their industry stand on the knowledge point in writing, and then add a word, this content source such an external connection is done.

to a number of relevant industry forum to release some information, in the case of understanding can also reply to some industry issues. For example, there is a net valve product is elastic valve seat seal, then we can go to some elastic valve seat seal industry website post, write, answer their questions, so my website for them is very professional, then these people will slowly. I often visit the site to seize the customer psychology to make appropriate service, now customers are not to pay (pay less) can make their own money, the beginning is to free the senior member of one month probation, plus advertising position free promotion, so do not want money, then as long as they made the 1 single, then they will be very happy to give you.

search engine: do people know the importance of a web search engine. This is the most popular way to promote the site, but here to remind you that the search engine is something else, your destiny is in the hands of others. I think that in order to get good publicity in the search engine, still have to go their way, the accumulation of their own customers, adhere to the original site, adhere to the honest, don’t cheat. So you could be an evergreen tree.

Industry Exhibition: do industry website of the exhibition industry to do publicity is necessary, because our clients have limitations, so the industry is the focus of the exhibition industry, exhibition and publicity in the above targeted. In the exhibition, leaflets issued, beautiful layout booth, you can also make a special exhibition, etc.. Let users know you, have heard of you, maybe

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