A brief analysis of the advantages and limitations of micro-blog marketing

things have two sides, there is a good side, but also a bad side. Any marketing tool also has its advantages and limitations, and today we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of micro-blog marketing. Through the first few articles, I believe we have begun to try to do micro-blog marketing, or that the use of micro-blog to do the promotion, the effect?.

I want to Tucao the reason is nothing more than the following points, but also the shortcomings of micro-blog marketing.

1, not enough fans.

want to achieve a good marketing effect through micro-blog marketing, you need to have enough fans, popularity is the basis of micro-blog marketing. In the absence of any popularity and popularity of micro-blog marketing is difficult to do well.

2, micro-blog content update too fast.

when you play with micro-blog, you will also find that you listened to a lot of users, but not every user of micro-blog you can see, many are buried away from the mass information, if you micro-blog is not very frequent, have a good grasp of a point in time, your hair micro-blog is also very difficult to be found by other users.

3, 140 word limit.

as a result of micro-blog content has 140 word limit, in the hair of micro-blog, often feel that he has not finished a word, but has been prompted to enter the words of the remaining 0. It’s hard to think of a blog post that describes one thing in detail.

why would anyone choose micro-blog marketing it, and have a good effect, then we look at the advantages of micro-blog marketing where?

1, micro-blog simple operation, convenient information release. As long as a few words on it, not as long as the need to write a blog to write a good article, save a lot of time and energy. Do not compete in marketing and time, so there are a lot of marketing people choose micro-blog marketing.

2, micro-blog interactive, able to communicate with fans instant, timely access to user feedback.

3, micro-blog low cost. Do micro-blog marketing cost can be compared to blog marketing or do BBS marketing cost is much lower. Direct marketing interaction with the platform, do not need to spend extra money to buy the domain name and host.

4, micro-blog targeted strong. Concerned about the enterprise or product fans are the product of consumers or potential consumers. Enterprises can carry out precision marketing.

The advantages and disadvantages of

micro-blog marketing analysis has finished, it did not want to give up, or continue to use micro-blog to do promotion, do not be discouraged, I believe that as long as you work hard, you will succeed micro-blog marketing. Refueling ~

text / Yuan Jiulin

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