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a lot of wanderers said Taobao guest is dead, no way to go on. Thin want to come, may not. A day together with you to know about Taobao, today net to push the small band everyone together to further dig all kinds of marketing channels.


one: traditional promotion channels

we all know that the share of profits should be relatively large website promotion, the form of the site has evolved into a variety of. The site is Taobao guest promotion way more traditional, from the rebate network, network group purchase, shopping guide network sharing site, etc..

this kind of promotion channels, benefit is the trouble. What is the trouble? Generally speaking, these sites have made alliance with Taobao (ALI) API interface, which is convenient to extract the mom goods, according to the different conditions of their acquisition of product information, and save each product needs to take off his Taobao PID. Time saving, convenient, fast and efficient.

two: Internet era promotion channels

A generalized form of

this time, really not all can be said in two words or three. With all kinds of social products, push the network survey found that where there was a promotion! Taobao customers has penetrated into all kinds of places, can be said to get in by every opening.

1 blog promotion


create exclusive blog. Take daily discount for example. Baidu fold the word a day, you will find that there are a number of proprietary platforms have established accounts. Home page has a Sina blog, and the show is still with graphic symbols. Blog promotion in a very long period of time are very popular, has still been adopted by many Taobao customers. The reason is very simple, the quality of their own blog platform is better, in favor of search engines crawl, then put the chain, so the goods can be designed and linked.

2 to QQ as the center to promote the channel


today’s QQ space is no longer a simple platform to share information with friends, and from time to time we will see some promotional information. Space promotion requires open space for everyone to see, which increases the amount of visitors. Space to promote the general circle of acquaintances based, recommended quality merchandise information.

secondly, QQ group promotion and mail promotion. A large number of QQ group. The daily post links, so much information sent out, there is always a click to view the. A large number of mass e-mail, e-mail marketing is the product of a new era. But push ha network Xiaobian feel that the above promotion channels have a lot of shortcomings: trouble, time-consuming, inefficient, tired!

3 new media promotion


new media to promote a wider range of coverage, all types of social products have customers

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