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, we have been talking a lot about the operational aspects of the WeChat method and how to avoid being. May you seriously to read people will find that one cannot do without that our content, content directly decide whether or not we will be the title, whether can attract more fans attention, whether we can achieve the high amount of reading high forwarding.

The relationship between

that we must say that today is not the focus of the content and the title, because of this before we have already talked about. Today I want to talk to you is how to do high quality articles, to achieve the purpose of high forwarding.

so what should we pay attention to when we are doing these materials?

first: fans positioning

if we want to achieve high amount of reading to their own content, high forwarding volume, so we need is the targeting of our good, our fans are a what kind of people, they all love is what types of things, then these are necessary for us to understand. For example, the amount of our fans crowd is basically 90 or 00 after it, then they love the same things, so we do not have to distinguish too.

if we say that our fans crowd more complex words, then this is difficult for us to run, because you people a after 80 and 00 after you love the content is certainly not the same, then we will lead you may update the content part of love, the other some people do not love, then it will lead us to meet only a part of the fans, the amount of reading we do not, so many fans may fall.

so we need to locate the fans, this age we are unable to judge out of this, according to our daily news fans reply to see, there is our fans of sex, as shown in figure


we can see from the number of fans, we basically belong to the male, so when the usual updates we need to update the content of male love, it can not only meet the reading needs of our fans but also can help us to spread out so as to achieve the purpose of increasing fans.

second: data analysis

data analysis, in addition to the first point of our analysis of the attributes of the fans, we also need to analyze is the amount of reading, forwarding collection. Pictured:


This is a

data about the recent data, we are unable to show the amount of reading, we every day these, what we need is to subdivide the amount forwarded to share each content, the amount of reading, we can see from the forwarding which content is high, the low capacity of forwarding what, and what the amount of reading, so I >

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