ZhengZhan optimization and website promotion plan

The main purpose of

is to realize the optimization of comprehensive ZhengZhan optimization on the site, the site has a good natural ranking ability in the search engine, so as to improve the website sales ability to strengthen brand publicity effect. We want to each column, each inside the page as a small site to optimize its controllability, in order to form a line, the line structure, so that the site structure is more reasonable, and ultimately bring long-term stable flow.

(I) modify the policy

first of all, for the Los Angels, air laser shaping center two sites generally do the following changes:

1 description part. 466 website lack of keywords, description, this part must focus on doing. Since this year, 8-9 months Baidu adjustment algorithm, Baidu appeared to skip the description of the contents of the page directly grab the main practice. Many websites also ignore the description of the role, but after nearly a period of observation, the description is not really lost, it is still outside the title the most easy to use the most easy to control the spider crawling rules, key settings as a description of the collocation type service is the same can not be ignored.

2.javascript Code: two sites in the JavaScript code to deal with the same problem. As far as possible to reduce the use of JS, or put the JS on the bottom of the site, you can avoid spiders do a lot of JS analysis. Write the JS to one or more JS files and then call it to speed up page loading.

3 content navigation must use text links, functional navigation can use picture links. The following pictures of muscle stem cells, the new dimension breast with text links.

4 return path settings. For each page you need to set a clear entry and export links for the spider, to ensure that each page has a return to the home page and the higher directory links. Each article was added to a page, the next page link name of hospital copyright add home page links, and guide the spider crawling.

The use of

5 tags. Each of the label set to 2-3, no more than 5.

6 to create a simple site map, that is, the list of links.

7 layout and design. Designers should try to make the site layout of the main content of the site at the front, the member login /flash/js and other parts of the tune.


keyword selection

combined with the industry we will be the key words in the station is divided into two categories, one is the popular keywords in the network, the other is to bring the fixed flow of the long tail keywords.

we should start with little difficulty, can be effective in the short term with long tail keywords, these words can be stable and lay a foundation for the site, and then select a few relatively popular in 2-3 months can bring traffic > do in the long tail word at the same time

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