Share the deadly weapon to improve blog click rate

signature: in fact, I like you for how to improve the click rate of blog this thing to worry about. Blog click rate is not high this blogger does not seem to have much capital to talk about this topic. However, I can responsibly tell you that if you read this article, there will be unexpected gains!


blog era of flying, bloggers have the most distressing is not high, a deserted house hits, the most happy is the click rate soared, bustling. Therefore, how to improve the blog click rate has become a problem that bloggers often think about. The grassroots is different from those of elite celebrities, as long as a blog is surrounded by a group of fans. Also have to find ways to improve their blog attention and click rate. According to the successful experience of some well-known grassroots blogs, the author summarizes several practical methods.

a, positioning to have characteristics. Blog to flow, positioning is the key. Your blog is located in network, financial, social or entertainment gossip, in the beginning of the blog must have a clear positioning. Sina blog ranking grassroots blog, no one is not the focus of a field. Clear positioning, can enhance the viscosity of blog visitors. Xu Xiaoming’s blog is very hot, the reason is to adhere to the stock market every day to observe the article, and made recommendations for the operation. A long time, we think of the stock market blog on Xu Xiaoming’s. The same is true in other areas, you are positioning entertainment gossip, do blog editors and Internet users can think of you. If your blog no characteristics, then have a special "color" shortcut is undoubtedly successful, a large number of popular network celebrity is to get some "color" in the blog that caused a sensation, and fame.

two, the title to attract people. If you are reading this article, what do you think about it?. In this we all want to be famous, are curious age, cheats, secret, lethal weapon title is undoubtedly good eye-catching words. It is more difficult to write a blog, read someone else’s blog. The attention easily tired today, to attract people’s attention, have precise moderation to the needs of users. Blog content is important, but the title is to determine the starting point for others to see your article. Some people say that the article to the content is king, I see the times are not the same, said the title king is not too much.


three, hot catch upset. People look at the blog needs are many, but at least know more about popular events and hunting people do not know the winner. Therefore, to improve the blog traffic must keep up with the most popular social events, entertainment events, etc.. For example, during the Wenchuan earthquake, the Beijing Olympic Games, the major portals and their blog channels are recommended to focus on the relevant Bowen, and especially pay attention to speed and exclusivity. Some even entered the "wonderful kill" stage. The first time about the Olympic Games and a high likelihood of earthquake Bowen recommended. Of course, in the catch hot, forget not upset. Such as often introduce some unique perspective of popular blog.

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