How to reflect the idea of private hospital

private hospital network to promote the entire process, which is the core of the conversion rate? Try to think, when we are hard to do a hospital bidding, the hair of the chain, ranking…… Finally have the results, the introduction of a large number of visitors, but because of the lack of relevant website visitors but the marketing idea, the effective transformation fails, you will feel very humbled? Especially in the current bidding cost more for the high case, a keyword click price of dozens of pieces, go in, you will feel?

is currently the most hospital website ideas are considered based on the SEO, can only reflect the marketing aspect, most still in business or other online consultation website hanging tools. This is essential, but the site if only hang business, lack of marketing content support, such a web site, unless you own hospital has a very good brand awareness, or believe that few visitors will go to click business consulting reservation. So how to reflect the private hospital marketing ideas?

first, the hospital website construction preparatory work

domain name and server selection is the foundation. On the one hand is the hospital competition, on the other hand the widespread impatience, this time in an easy to remember, easy to enter the domain name and server access speed good site is the basic requirements of marketing.

two, hospital website layout design

this is the first step to consolidate the work. The first time visitors to the site, they provide important visual beauty: the column, column item retrieval clear, clear navigation mark and so on, at the same time, the application of image layout planning and web color are unified, it is important to maintain the overall consistency of ".

three, the perfect embodiment of hospital marketing content site layout

many private hospitals understand their packaging, whether it is the hospital, or an expert, such as top ten demonstration hospital, hospital; Chinese medical research disciplines leaders, members and so on. How to put these information perfectly on the website? A map and banner map is the most suitable location.

four, website marketing content layout interlocking

visitors after reading an article, how to let him continue to browse or click on consulting? This time you need the relevance of marketing content. For example, a patient to understand the disease related symptoms, we gave him a list of all the symptoms, then needs to continue to guide visitors to a word with the original content related questions associated (hazard symptoms associated with what to do or disease, etc.) were introduced to another article or directly into the business.

five, quick to provide the information needed for visitors

how fast the visitors want to know things to show in front of him in the search box, fast navigation is to solve this problem.

six, business contact with the hospital entrance square >

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