The Divine Comedy small burst of red apple, a song by the billions of dollars of commercial value

following the "Phoenix Legend", the song "jilt onion," Gangnam Style "and other classic Divine Comedy Yuhi storage, gradually retreated behind the scenes, a new generation of divine comedy has landed on Youku, starting in May 29th, the chopsticks brothers" retro + brainwashing "mode of play" a God, concocted a small apple "," strong took 2014 the annual music "baton. Up to now, the cumulative amount of demand on the first station Youku has been over ten million. Rushed to fame, and to spark Liaoyuanzhishi become a hot search to get in by every opening, domineering each big video website and micro-blog, WeChat and other social circles and share the list, I horse only know that Apple products are selling very hot, but "little apple" you are such a fire, this kind of really science? The former geeks Jobs was on the platform, "little apple" what do you



first look at a few small apple related Baidu index trend (nearly a month)

in fact, on the little apple why so fire, the topic has been a lot of discussion in the dark horse before I. But I dark horse also want to make a few points of view from the business point of view, small apple draw on what classic cases of its success in the marketing strategy which reflects the business logic?

into the square dance in the world, little apple did

first from the propagation mode, I seems to become a dark horse, the Divine Comedy in the routine have different approaches but equally satisfactory results place, they basically follow a path, first in the PC mobile terminal, a viral spread, then into the square dance camp into the high streets and back lanes, beginning two level communication, finally from the point to the line, the line to the three-dimensional propagation into the three level communication state get in by every opening, all the young and old men.

platform advantage

from the communication platform, detonated spread is very important, the close relationship between the chopsticks brothers and Youku based on "little apple" as the first choice of Youku platform, Youku will undoubtedly be all aspects of promotion resources, whether home recommendation or dissemination ability, Youku strength should not be the dark horse I repeat.

copyright open two times, guide the creation are creators of "products" to promote the individual distribution channels, to "viral"

"apple" copyright is open, anyone can be two times of creation, whether it is personal, or dance, or collective square dance form, can powerfully promote the cost at the same time, it is not limited to the original work of the finite propagation point.

from a product perspective, light and down to earth are more likely to get a "

closeness user"

someone Tucao "little apple" this song is vulgar lyrics, although the wording "

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