n addition to bad weather there are 10 problems can make CMO awake at night

for digital marketing, popular big data, and in need of more personalized and interactive level, across multiple platforms to attract customers, organizations and enterprises in the modern world, the character of CMO has become more important, we asked the old enterprises and emerging startups CMO, work role and market what is they are most concerned about, in addition to their peers to keep pace with the fast pace and the suggestion. Here are ten of the most worrying issues for CMO.

CMO must continue to demonstrate the value of marketing

Sanjay Dholakia is marketing automation software provider Marketo, CMO, he often exchanges with other CMO, hear the voices of their voices. Dholakia said: "the first problem of CMO concern is always keeping them awake at night: how to prove the marketing value? The past and present (for example, two years ago) the difference is that the marketing staff had no large amounts of data. Now they have a lot of data, they have to read the data. In addition, they still have a lot of marketing channels, have to put them in tandem, indicating that the value of the work done."

According to Dholakia

, even in a time of economic boom, marketers have to do more with the same or less resources. At the same time, most marketers are not technical experts or business intelligence personnel, they were forced to try to figure out the data." He said that these factors, together with the need to prove the value of easy to use, easy to share marketing automation tools become increasingly important.

as a marketing automation platform CMO, Dholakia’s view is not surprising. But he’s not the only one who thinks so, CMO. For example, last year, Juniper Networks to achieve the transformation, by using a bunch of messy automation and insight tools…… Into a single marketing cloud environment, thus providing a more accurate customer insight – Juniper Networks senior vice president and CMO Mike Marcellin said.

said: "this also provides us with a specific, realistic framework to achieve the required marketing skills transformation. It is because of these inputs, we have to think of the marketing staff to provide the most advanced tools and methods to carry out the ‘most advanced marketing work’. These tools are a good way to promote the development of our current team, but also a good tool to attract others to join our team."

CMO need to fill a considerable skill gap

Dholakia said, now many CMO and team members "grew up in a period of superior digital. Today, the digital presence in their departments, but they may not have the skills needed to deal with digital."

he said that CMO needed such a camp

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