Simple or complicated, OpenD and one in the user experience

today on the Internet to see someone commenting on the relevant circumstances of OpenID, the specific evaluation is as follows:

"the first use of the OpenID log into OpenID server page to confirm, although not trouble, but still not convenient, why not through the OpenID interface, to confirm in the original page, similar to XSS using the hacker technology, dynamic loading OpenID service website login page, through the authentication operation OpenID, Server should provide more convenient interface, easy to use third party websites, the uniform requirements of the OpenID service provider, instead of Google to provide a OpenID service, Yahoo! To provide a OpenID service, there are similar, also provide OpenID service, OpenID service, or any third party websites have OpenID service (OpenID Server is a very simple thing), this is not good, OpenID need the most authoritative service network Station. This problem is not handled well, probably OpenID died."

is one in improving the user experience to do the above OpenID.

only made a comprehensive solution to the user experience above, use one login support website, do not need to like the OpenID server page to confirm, but directly to the support site; OpenID login site to save a step;

The second one can achieve

binding site support combined with the original user, that is to join the site of the original old users can enjoy one login function, he has a digital ID in one, can be merged with the original site to the user, can also use two login to join the site, this site to join the new and old users you can enjoy a login service;

third, we may not love URL as a user login, a universal digital ID instead of this function, and you can show your nickname in love to join the site, while URL or digital is not a long list, you can fully customize


fourth, OpenID joined the process is relatively complex, no relevant technical support, OpenID does not open in the domestic promotion, enough to prove that the joining process is complex and lack of relevant technical support and technical support, one has considerable support one auxiliary site at any time, more conducive to a login service to promote in China;

fifth, OpenID service provider is difficult to unity, all people as long as the technology is good, can set up their own OpenID server, resulting in a lot of OpenID service providers, and service providers is uneven, it is difficult to produce the authority of the service provider, one number in >

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