Small Adsense how to promote the website and website profit


went to the office of the webmaster network, to participate in a small gathering of webmasters.

map Wang on the promotion of the site to talk about a lot of skills and methods, analysis of his recent discovery of a person how to promote the website and how to sell a case of the site, it can be said to benefit.

This party is to feel

webmaster, a touch is sometimes a spark in his brain, so that they can find a bright spot.

website promotion now can be said to be too much, write soft Wen, change links can be said to be more civilized; QQ mass posts, site mass, with the development of spam software and so on to be more shameful, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh.

and the expert, I have no good idea, only silently learning, here’s what I want to add, for your reference.

I think there’s a way to work through other areas of IT. IT replacement of Internet, there are many other areas, for example, the field of communication etc..

a simple example is Mobile Corporation, China Unicom or telecom, resource sharing and exchange, as we all know, now they each have their own message channels, such as: know-all, nongxintong. If they do this piece of information resources, we may be less than the webmaster point, so we can complement their resources, to achieve a win-win situation. One of my station: Pizhou Wood network began to cooperate with China Mobile Xuzhou company from last year’s nongxintong channel plate is a good example, then the Suqian Forestry Bureau and the Suqian Mobile Corporation found that, in November 18th, with our assistance, but also the opening of the channel, can be said to be the service of the people’s life, but also the service of our own.

so when we look at other ways, think about what we’re going to do, maybe, it can make you feel better.

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