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last week, since the launch of the new version of the micro pig CMS booster, we harvest full of love. The R & D department one ape blood boil, non-stop and micro power adds three new features. Don’t look down upon this function, it is really big! Do not believe? Xiaobian steps with the view of ~

share title / description support custom

as its name implies, this feature allows businesses to promote their needs according to their own, to fill out the micro independent activities to share the title to share the description. All kinds of chicken health gap in this era of scraper circle of friends, the user has produced visual fatigue. And interesting share of the title / description, like pearls in the sand, so that the user at a glance. Not only can improve the user open rate, but also to attract the active participation of users.

Top chart shows the number with you set

TOP list shows the number of support custom. 10?? as long as you are willing to, please feel free to ~ such as businesses can be based on the winning rules, the number of decisions to display the list of 20. Assuming that the top 20 can be awarded, then businesses can be set in the background. Fans to participate in activities that can see the top 20 fans help details (including power value, forwarding, etc.). Clear ranking shows that activities are more formal, fair and open. Fans will be able to enhance the trust of the business, the user experience will be better.

SMS verify the benefits of multi precision marketing do not worry

the new micro power features include SMS verification. The benefits of SMS verification is not only to ensure the authenticity of the information of fans, improve the quality of powder, but it is also a collection of fans information channels. By participating in the need to enter the verification code, the need to collect the phone number of the fans, for the future of the business marketing reserve fan data. For example, the next time a business organized a campaign, you can collect the phone number, the use of text messages to remind fans concerned and participation.

pig CMS micro booster to add these three features, starting from the details, layers of breakthrough, so that the marketing ability of micro power stronger. Businesses with this one first circle of friends magic weapon, go on the pinnacle of life is not a matter of minutes?! (author: pig CMS micro signal: pigcms


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