The breakdown of independent blog in marketing five unique advantages

with independent blog more and more people are familiar with, whether it is business or personal in the station is focused on independent blog program, as represented by the WordPress PHP program and ASP program as a representative of Z-blog, pj-blog and so on, has become the current popular blog program, and has been more the practice proves that they are constantly in search engine optimization, advantage and unique charm with or program expansion and adaptation of.

as a person, independent blog can not only become a personal expression of self, a platform to play personal hobbies or expertise, but also can be used as a carrier to achieve the purpose of profit, do stand; and for enterprise companies, in addition to other independent blog website undoubtedly they program to provide more choice and marketing the advantage behind this choice has more attractive, more and more enterprises or individuals have a part of the key to marketing independent blog, to play its unique advantages, give full play to its advantages in marketing.

if you choose to use independent blog as a marketing tool and carrier, then the advantages of its internal marketing have a sufficient understanding of the successful marketing is the premise, receive a good effect. According to our practice and exploration, we can come to the independent blog has the following five marketing advantages:

, a more simple, free brand image platform.


program is more complicated than other website column module, independent blog is simple, fresh, elegant, easy to modify, modify it for business or personal to the full, the shape has its own characteristics, the clear identification of brand image, let users, visitors can through the blog to better understand corporate brand or personal characteristics, the brand image of the one and only transfer information to the user, enhance brand diffusion and influence, to raise awareness. Therefore, it is a convenient way to create the brand image by making the independent blog style and the template to be the brand style of the individual or enterprise.

two, more efficient, specific, concise marketing information transfer.

independent blog style interface, general design is relatively simple and clear, the content is also different from other features of CMS program has many columns, so the transfer of marketing information for business or personal, to convey the content provides a completely different with the traditional way of CMS program. Enterprises or individuals can use the characteristics of blog, the relevant marketing information (the content) more efficient and specific delivery to the user, so that users can clearly see you want to transfer information to better marketing results.

three, more convenient, excellent content push design.

is an independent blog program, rich and powerful, easy to modify, easy to expand its most favorite advantage. Enterprise or individual can be combined with the characteristics of different blog programs

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