Convention on the autonomy of blog services (Draft)

(May China Internet association two thousand and seven years)

1: General

Article 1 this Convention is formulated for the purpose of regulating the Internet blog service, creating a good environment for the development of blog services, facilitating the exchange and sharing of information.

second this Convention refers to the blog, refers to the Internet service providers to provide users with independent network space, including text, pictures, multimedia, etc..

third blog service should follow the law, civilization, fully inclusive and equitable and harmonious development of the principle of honesty and self-discipline.

fourth the majority of bloggers should consciously enhance the sense of social responsibility and public moral awareness, so that the network of civilization and science advocates and communicators.


fifth this Convention applies to Internet blog service providers in china.

Sixth China Internet association is responsible for the implementation of this convention.

second chapter self-discipline clause

seventh blog service providers should consciously abide by the relevant laws, regulations and policies, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of bloggers and blog readers.

eighth Internet blog service business should have the laws, regulations and rules of the Internet information service requirements, but also should have the following service conditions:

(a) perfect blog service and management system;

(two) is equipped with sufficient blog service managers and technical personnel, to provide excellent service, the implementation of effective management;

(three) improve the blog information security measures, including user registration process, user information security measures, blog content information security measures;

(four) in accordance with the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations and other relevant regulations.

ninth to encourage blog service providers to actively explore the blog service model, to provide a good environment for the creation of the blog, and guide the creation and dissemination of excellent network works.

tenth blog service provider shall sign an agreement with the blogger blog service, blogger requirements conscientiously fulfill their obligations, refused to sign the service agreement, blog service providers have the right to refuse to provide services to its blog.

eleventh blog service providers and users of the signing of the user service agreement, the agreement should include the following:

(a) the author of the blog to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations on Internet information services, the use of civilization network, does not release, does not disseminate pornographic information and other illegal and harmful information.

(two) bloggers promise not to release, do not spread to insult or disparage other ethnic, racial, religious beliefs and cultural traditions of the information.

(three) bloggers are guaranteed not to publish, not to create

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