Thirteen details he did the ultimate word of mouth marketing

originally this article should have been written, because of his recent things busy, so there is no timely finishing writing out! Yesterday is a free period, then I put my feelings and thoughts to tell you.

some time ago girlfriend went to a hot pot shop, the specific name is what I do not say. After all, you can make yourself a god. I think many traditional enterprises should learn about the word-of-mouth marketing model is the most terrible, the most powerful viral marketing, here by customers to pass on the trust to the customers friends. Once spread, became a viral, and get out of hand.

first detail:

comes with two attendants, open the door to greet, after a waiter took the guests to the upstairs Rest Area this space, there will be another waiter immediately to the bench, no one will not meet guests’ phenomenon. Many restaurants welcome either station that take a bow, or take to the house after the neutral



second details:

After entering the

Rest Area, the waiter will end for you on the Fresh Fruit Platter, and cookies, and pour a glass of water for you. There is also a free WiFi for your online entertainment, but also can origami, checkers. Origami fold to 30, there are exquisite small gifts.

went there on Saturday. Waiting in line for an hour or so. When a more than and 30 year old woman began to stand up for a long time, and began to work with the waiter theory. The server is just smiling, has been said to do this is not good enough, please she can understand. Have to admire the waiter, waiter the most basic patience and care has been done in place. This detail is what? Is the quality of the service itself, to the end is a smile to the customer to answer questions!

third details:

waited half an hour, and finally it was our turn. Enter the room, the waiter will send you a la carte menu, the menu is not an ordinary one, but a small notebook, order or very convenient. Of course, the focus is not on this point, when we several dishes, the waiter asked us, are you two? I said yes ah! Then she said: "I suggest you half a dish, our food components a bit bigger, if you do not eat after listening to her warm! That, suddenly have a touch with the body! I often eat outside, more is to introduce you to the waiter what dish what dish is delicious. In general, this dish is a big profit! And with it as the Hot pot? I have been to many Hot pot shop, the waiter will give you the basic menu, let yourself go, do not have this reminder, some more also won’t have to remind you


fourth details:

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