Effect marketing is expected to become the industry’s new regulations

network promotion do not know if there is no effect, is plagued by a large number of corporate propaganda issues. At present, the steel pipe enterprise alliance operating agency — wisdom science and technology, the first to introduce the effectiveness of service, breaking the industry curse". After the completion of the network promotion, if the customer does not feel the effect, you can negotiate a refund.

pioneered the effect of marketing

– Website – pay promotion, this is the general process of enterprise online promotion at present. Many Internet companies, money not in accordance with the requirements of customers to the website design, what is more, some business people don’t participate in maintaining customers later. Only in charge of money, is not responsible for the service, the clerk can wait for customer "toss". Looks after collect fees will be Everything will be fine., actually this is short-lived business, as well as permanent loss of the customer……

simple analysis of the current popular promotion

a, Baidu bidding: price is getting lower and lower, (for example: 07, 08 years to invest $50 can receive a phone call, now one hundred yuan does not necessarily have such an effect). The only way to promote the competitive ranking non enterprise, people often call us, ask how to do publicity on the Internet? In fact we call network promotion, different people according to their different levels of understanding of network, the question is different. So, I think it is necessary to make a summary of this kind of problem. Many people have received a number of Internet companies call. To them to do the promotion, in fact, is spending the money, when it comes to money, what value or worth everyone will consider this money?

According to

Chinese electronic newspaper report related said, 2000 common keywords a click is 0.05 yuan, the most expensive is not more than 0.2 yuan, 100 yuan ordinary enterprises to buy keyword advertising can bring through search engine traffic and visitors have an income of 1000 yuan. Today the common keywords a click is 10 yuan, the most expensive keywords of up to 80 yuan once, every 100 yuan into the best exchange only 150 yuan revenue, bad luck encountered malicious click, even in 100 can recover. Steel Union on the price of the key word has now been statistics, Baidu day more than 500 of the volume of steel pipe seamless steel pipe price between 15-25. This price is much higher than the 2000 click the maximum cost of 0.2 yuan, especially in the financial crisis under the influence of small and medium enterprises is a higher demand for precision marketing. In the bid keyword is too high, the price is not ideal, in addition, the phenomenon of malicious clicks occur. We should consider other network marketing methods.


optimization ranking high costs, ranking is not fixed; website optimization is a kind of network marketing way or means, using the SEO to the optimization of the website, and some relevant industry website for publicity. As we are now the industry exhibition, do a lot of exhibitions are willing to participate in the same, >

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