Tanabata Festival to use hot words to improve short-term traffic

today is the 5th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, two days is the traditional Chinese the Qixi Festival, is China plot person.

festive atmosphere is always in advance of the festival before the arrival of a breath, especially some of the major festivals, businesses will not miss. Early in the morning to see the body of the bus advertising changed Tanabata promotional activities; mall posters also changed the Tanabata Festival promotion. Real life is so, not to mention the network.

every time before the arrival of a holiday, the word will become a hot word search, such as Tanabata, whether it is Google or Baidu, Tanabata must be the most recent search hot. Many people may ask, where the Qixi Festival play what to eat, what gift to the Qixi Festival, the Qixi Festival how to arrange the Qixi Festival origin and so on, on the Qixi Festival topic recently become a hot. For the webmaster, Tanabata means what, but also means that the opportunity to


stood in the user’s point of view, the Qixi Festival, you will find what information? The Qixi Festival activities, the Qixi Festival girlfriend what gift, the Qixi Festival anecdotes and so on, these are the user’s attention. As long as they provide users with information of interest, is not able to retain users? Focus, improve short-term flow by using key words, this is not a chance? If you are a business forum, you can provide what


to A5 forum bbs.admin5.com, for example, the forum is the user of the webmaster, Tanabata Festival, these users need?

1 analyzes user characteristics and requirements.

A5 forum users mostly do the webmaster, and the webmaster is male. The webmaster busy all day on the website daily update and maintenance, natural does not have much time to take care of him girlfriend on the special day, is the webmaster should quietly pay the girl with a special gift? For "the Qixi Festival" topic, the webmaster concern is "what gift" girl, this is the user demand. For users of this demand, sort out some of the most appropriate to send a gift on a similar post, is not it will attract more attention to the user


2 for the user to give advice and suggestions".

many webmaster may not think of this special day, it is appropriate to remind you. The festival gradually, about "the Qixi Festival" post more and more forums, festive mood tease each stationmaster nerve. How to provide a good way for the Raiders of the festival, which is a demand. Webmasters have to deal with the network all day, may ignore the real life, the little things in life become less enthusiastic, not so handy. To the webmaster to provide a "holiday" a good way, is not it will be favored?

3 organization activities, active atmosphere, send blessings.

festival day, to a small, can be a real experience of the game or blessing activities are indispensable. For example, T floor, send blessings, games, etc., both active users, but also for the

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