How to promote the wedding photography company

wedding photography company to establish their own web site for a long time, but the flow of the site is flat, almost no publicity, how to do?

my suggestion is: firstly, proposed wedding photography company to do a comprehensive "diagnosis" on their website, including domain name, website search engine optimization (SEO), scientific login search engine and launch network advertisement, etc..


have a good domain name: the domain name should be concise, easy to input and have a certain meaning and significance (for example: Online wed is to get married, ol is online "), the choice of the suffix is a new hotspot in.Com in recent years, but there are also many Chinese Enterprises began to keen CN domain name.

The necessary

website search engine optimization: avoid excessive use of pictures and Flash; determining the site core keywords, generally limited to less than 5, is usually referred to as the Hangzhou wedding photography company, wedding photography, etc. (there are many good words you know but did not want to, here I will not say. Those who are interested can contact me). Optimize the label for each page (e.g. title, link, and meta). For more than 10 active sites of external links (external link is very important, a site didn’t do external links, just put off the site), and to improve the PR value, ensure that often update. Marriage online free of charge to provide external links.


search engine using science: whether to create the search engine included information source, web pages indexed by search engines and the opportunity to make effective information in the search engine results in the forefront of the forefront; effective information display includes several factors: the name of the website, provide keywords, site description (description of this super key) and submit to the search engine grab are matched, and the number of web pages for search keywords, the frequency of appearance, shape and position it properly.

network advertising planning and delivery form: picture ads, text ads, video ads, interactive advertising and how to combine advertising, whether appropriate.


of the wedding photography company’s Web site to do the basic "diagnosis", wedding photography company can out the following adjustments: to set the primary key to improve the natural ranking, buy some search engine keyword ranking, by adopting mixed weaving method, multiple keywords buy several search engine service providers ranking service, and then on the basis of customers in different search engine search habits to achieve the resource allocation rationalization — Application of high rate of return on investment. Traffic statistical analysis is very important to understand the basic situation of the user’s access to their site, so that more accurate marketing and advertising.

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