Professional network marketing should have two aspects of knowledge


ENMG family asked as a network marketing people should have the basic knowledge? Because the recent company things more, so the delay to today, I will write an article on this question and to communicate with you. Before I say this, it is necessary for me to reiterate what is network marketing?

network marketing is through INTERNET or all electronic means to create sales opportunities, to achieve the purpose of sales behavior. Or network marketing: the use of all available Internet resources to create and create an atmosphere and environment for the sale of an art. In understanding the basis of network marketing, we have just to illustrate the problem. First of all, we can see from the definition of network marketing or marketing focus, but he borrowed a new communication tools. So as a network marketing, in the end should have what kind of knowledge? Two aspects.

1, marketing knowledge

2, network knowledge

first, we set the marketing knowledge, marketing has a broad understanding and narrow understanding, first generalized, general marketing is that use of all resources in a given strategy to create and create a demand or sales atmosphere, and ultimately achieve sales. Narrow sense of marketing is what we usually say sales, marketing, marketing, business, etc.. Here we want to say is the broad sense of marketing.

so what is the marketing knowledge as a marketer,


1, the most basic need to understand consumer psychology and consumer psychology and behavior. In the market economy, we emphasize the relationship marketing and 4C marketing, and therefore must be aware of consumer psychology and behavior.

2, second, we must grasp the direction of the enterprise and the overall situation, to be involved in the marketing strategy and strategy to understand, and to form their own marketing planning process or outline. It includes research, STP analysis, SWOT analysis, strategic planning, the use of strategies, marketing process control management.

3, through the analysis can be informed of their company or product USP.

4, the integration of resources and planning ability, capacity allocation, grafting, leveraging resources.

5, the use of marketing tools, event marketing, marketing, marketing, advertising, contacts.

network knowledge

1, understanding of SEO and SEM.

2, the application of network research.

3, the needs of Internet customers hobby.

4, website promotion methods and methods.

5, website access statistical analysis method.

6, website construction positioning.

7, network products, text packaging and image processing.

8, soft writing

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