15 tips to quickly enhance the visibility of the site

1, the website includes useful quality web content

to write something useful to visitors, and willing to share.

2, submit your site to some sort of directory or site navigation

classification directory (in the form of a collection of a number of useful web site address) – your site to some of the more popular classification directory, such as ODP, Yahoo, directory, LookSmart. Or you can publish your website address to some online site reference, for example, Wikipedia, industry-specific expert sites, blog, etc..

3, publish your website address to your friend

do not include a link to your site in your personal information. As mentioned in the techsoup article, promote your website: get more information. Keep in mind that your site should be listed in all possible places, such as telephone / fax, email, etc.. As follows:

/ name card top bar / stickers Information SMS / brochures / releases / cover / email signature

4, write an article and release

on the site to introduce some new or noteworthy content. These articles should be able to attract visitors to your site and continue to visit your website.

5, RSS (rich content aggregation) subscription

RSS, also known as simple content aggregation (Really Simple Syndication). JISC describes RSS as "a lightweight XML format on the Internet for distributing news feeds or other content".

in addition to other sites to facilitate the distribution of your website content, your Feed content will be indexed by some popular blog search engines, such as Technorati, blogsearch, ask.com, etc..

6, ask for some high quality websites to recommend your site

let some "high quality" site chain to your site is not only conducive to PageRank, but also improve your site in the search results ranking.

note: if your site points to a number of spam sites, your site may be removed from Google’s index. (the site is Google K off the boat – note)

7, do some link bait, so that other sites active link you

get some high PR site links, can effectively improve your PageRank. These are far better than some low PR links.

note: if Google finds out that you’re dealing with other sites, you may be able to punish your site and may stop

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