Duo Jianong founder of Zen cicadas tell you how the derivative day into a million! (two)

Peng Fei: Why did you feel that WeChat is the direction of the choice of micro business as a breakthrough in your new career?


Zen: "time to do the Internet for 06 years, I am against anyone, I think I’m better than Ma Yunshuai. At that time I was 26 years old, pocket money, I want to do the communications industry Alibaba, communications industry Taobao. Loss of results."

"if that was the time I went straight to Taobao, it would have been quite different today. So the trend of things, very powerful, we must know the flow, yield, know bow, keep up with the trend, it is the most effective."

"now the mobile Internet era has come, don’t flow, then go to make a personal website like, that is the biggest waste of opportunity. A personal website is the Internet people? The development of APP is the mobile Internet game is not the case?."

from the beginning of the Tianya forum, to micro-blog, and then to WeChat, which is the most fundamental, is the people. Everything is flow talk. Where does the traffic come from? Now that WeChat jumps out, we’ll just play with WeChat. WeChat is the best sea. You can go fishing in the sea, don’t dig yourself out of and build pool."

trend is so, the arrival of the mobile Internet unstoppable. Our kids directly picked up the telephone and call WeChat, I tell you a thing ah, my sister is not obedient beaten, my mother hit her ass, hit two ah, PA hung immediately dial back: Oh, hit it again, hit three."

Peng Fei: "so the new generation of young people, is genetically acceptable to the mobile internet."


Zen: "for the mobile Internet, I said 80 years before people are refugees, the conversion is not over, thinking patterns are rigid. They know that this is the trend, know that this is a good thing, that is, can not turn around, it is difficult to change, the most difficult is the change in the mode of thinking. Do PC end those big boys despise doing micro taking this group of grass root."

"do all the micro business to do good, are 85, 90, after the 95."

"after 95 children, do not care about what face. Brush circle of friends, you pull me black, it does not matter, you are not my target customers. You don’t pull me black, I’ll deal with you sooner or later. Either you’re not my client or you’re my client. No other choice, I do not care how you look, I care about is my brush, I can make money. That’s enough."

, so now do a good micro business, must be 90, 95 after. 90 is a mobile Internet citizen. 95 after the aboriginal. They are really well ingrained the era of adaptation."

80 are immigrants, to keep up, but need to adapt to. 80 before, all are refugees, play >

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