Used car business platform everyone announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing

On the afternoon of 5

, second-hand car business people car officially announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing, it is reported that the current round of financing led by Tencent, Shun capital, ceyuan ventures, red dot investment with investment, new investors include Chinese rich capital, investment in people, the new capital and capital Pu Si Jun.


it is reported that the current round of financing will be used for all cars from second-hand car transactions extended to finance, aftermarket and even new car transactions and other aspects of the future development of the strategic direction of all cars.

at the beginning of this year, all cars announced its "open ecological" plan, to the second-hand car trading platform as the foundation, backed by Tencent and other strategic investors in the user data and resources, funding support, link the second-hand car industry, through extensive cooperation, to provide loans, insurance, maintenance and warranty service for users.

August, all car car network strategic cooperation, also announced that the future will invest 200 million yuan, the shop service cooperation under the 1000 line, to provide users with the transaction, the replacement to full service maintenance; everyone in the financial sector, including Ping An Bank, and the car has dozens of micro financial institutions, banks cooperate next year, the car loan loan target 10 billion yuan.

according to public information, all the car was founded in April 2014, is the first domestic second-hand car trading platform C2C, had received a total of three investments, investors including strategic investors in Tencent, Lei Jun Department of Shun capital, sources of venture capital, redpoint and other well-known institutions. As of July, the monthly turnover of all cars has exceeded 18000, the cumulative turnover of more than 200 thousand vehicles.

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