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first_imgWhat “blockchain” technology is all about and why it will change the way we all work, play, and interact. — Thanks for this. A good article on the monster that John McCain really was. I have heard parts of the story before, but the Times story was new, not entirely unexpected. UK media is as apathetic about the truth in the world as the U.S. media! —John By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily DispatchThe Soviet Union struck first on October 4, 1957.In the process, it started a conflict with the United States that would last 12 years.But the Soviets didn’t bomb a U.S. city or fire on American troops. Instead, they launched Sputnik I—the first man-made satellite—into space.That, of course, set off the “Space Race”—a competition between the Cold War foes to see which country would dominate space exploration.And it didn’t take America long to respond. Less than a year after the Russians launched Sputnik I, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was founded.In the next decade or so that followed, the Americans and Russians “battled” by seeing who could push the limits of space exploration the furthest.Of course, the Space Race didn’t last forever. In fact, most people agree that the race ended on July 20, 1969… when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. — • In short, the first Space Race is history… But a new space race has begun.And I’m not talking about the competition between Tesla founder Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.The space race I’m referring to has nothing to do with colonizing Mars… or mining asteroids. It’s about controlling the skies above us. E.B. Tucker explained in the latest issue of Strategic Investor: The last space race was a race to the heavens. While deep space exploration is still underway, the new race is about controlling the airspace closer to Earth.The distance between the Earth’s surface and its low orbit is 1,200 miles. Commercial airliners barely crest the seven-mile marker. There’s a lot of airspace up for grabs above us. Controlling it means an invaluable economic advantage.Of course, you already know this if you read yesterday’s Dispatch. In it, I explained how the United States and Russia are vying for control of the skies.They’re doing this because everyday life depends on space. But I didn’t write this essay to repeat what I told you yesterday. Instead, I want to show you how to turn this new space race into profits.I’ll get to that in a minute. But first, let me tell you why a conflict in space could erupt… not decades from now, but in the next few years.• Space will be the next battlefield…I say this because Russia recently said that it plans to arm some of its aircraft with missiles “capable of destroying targets in near-space.”Russia has also, according to U.S. intelligence, put at least four satellites into space that may be anti-satellite weapons. But that’s not all. U.S. intelligence also indicates that China will have “operational” anti-satellite weapons within a few years. Learn how to get instant access right here. The next blue-chip stocks that are being born right now on the blockchain network… and what that means for folks like you. I read up on the Forrestal disaster and the cause had nothing to do with John McCain. A totally different aircraft had an accidental Zuni rocket launch during an electrical power surge. —S. Lucas And a reader responds to yesterday’s Dispatch: “What You Need to Know About This Mysterious Satellite”…You guys are turning into nutcases!Russia has launched a satellite and its purpose is secret. Wow, shocker. And how many satellites with “secret” purposes have the USA launched? Dozens, I would imagine.The rest of your article is baseless speculation that this satellite could be a weapon. Sure, and I could have a nuclear facility in my back yard. Anything “could” be.The only thing in your ridiculous missive that makes any sense is the suggestion to invest in defense stocks. Given we are headed for even bigger governments, the military-industrial complex will continue to be a gravy train.—ReinhardAs always, you can send any questions or suggestions for the Dispatch right here.Claim Your FREE Blockchain Special Report TodayAs a valued Casey reader, we want to send you our new report—“Welcome to the Blockchain Era”—absolutely free.In this comprehensive report, you will discover: Two-Year Investigation Tells All FBI Seizes $90,000 of “Dirty Money” From Congressman’s FreezerCongressman William Jefferson is as corrupt as they come! He was raking in so much “dirty money,” the FBI found part of his hoard in his freezer, stashed away in pie crusts. But suddenly, this crazy story just got crazier. And surprisingly, one expert says it could make you an absolute fortune.center_img McShame was in Lao Prison where he became a propaganda mouthpiece. He was also brainwashed. When sent home, he moved rapidly into politics. Doing the communists’ bidding, he helped push America into every war imaginable, which also delighted the warmongers, namely the Pentagon. The communists knew this would weaken and eventually break America. McShame’s legendary temper and the blocking of POWs and MIAs from coming home was to hide his own guilt. One of his broadcast tapes was recently found misfiled in a CIA file. This tape had been used to blackmail McShame into staying the course of America’s destruction.—Paul • Of course, the U.S. can’t allow one of its satellites to get knocked out of the sky…If the Russians and Chinese coordinate such an attack and knock out a GPS (global positioning system) satellite, life as we know it could become impossible for everyday Americans.More from E.B.:Most people think of GPS as a tracking and location technology. But what really makes it so important is time.Each satellite has an atomic clock onboard. These hyper-accurate clocks keep time so perfectly, scientists expect they deviate by as little as one second every 30 million years.When a terrestrial device receives a GPS signal, it automatically knows the proper time. This means ATMs, stock trades, bank wires, and anything with a timestamp relies on GPS technology to know exactly what time it is.Smartphones, navigation systems, autonomous vehicles, shipping vessels, and inventory tracking systems use GPS for location tracking. With 24 satellites spread around the Earth’s orbit, any device with a clear view of the sky receives several signals at all times.In short, GPS is key to modern life.If the Russians, Chinese, or someone else took out our GPS capabilities, the phone in your pocket wouldn’t work anymore. You wouldn’t be able to take money out of the ATM. The economy would come to a grinding halt.The U.S. government realizes this. So it’s going to spend billions of dollars to defend America from this threat. It’ll also need to invest in technologies that will help us fight back when the time comes.• That’s great news for aerospace and defense companies… It means they’ll be awarded massive contracts.Just to be clear, we’re not wishing for war in space. We want peace as much as everyone else.We also aren’t in favor of a bigger military-industrial complex. That budget is already extremely bloated.At the same time, we recognize that the U.S. government is going to invest heavily in space defense. And that means certain defense companies stand to benefit massively.So if you’re interested in this opportunity, I suggest buying a fund like the iShares US Aerospace & Defense ETF (ITA). This fund invests in a basket of 39 aerospace and defense companies.• That makes it a relatively safe way to profit from the new space race…You can see what I mean below. This chart shows the fund’s performance over the past year.As you can see, ITA struggled to break above $205 for six months. But it broke through that resistance last month… and has been steadily climbing ever since.This suggests that ITA will head even higher from here. Plus, if it retreats there’s now strong support at around $205. In short, now’s a good entry point for new investors.Regards,Justin Spittler Kotor, Montenegro September 20, 2018P.S. If you’re looking to make even bigger gains during the new space race, I suggest you sign up for E.B. Tucker’s Strategic Investor. E.B. has told his readers about three ways to play this trend. Each stock has tremendous upside from here. You can access these picks—and all of E.B.’s research on this idea—with a risk-free trial to Strategic Investor. Click here to sign up today.Reader MailbagReaders continue to write in about Doug Casey’s interview on John McCain…Thank you, Doug. Glad someone had the guts to say it. I read everything you write. —Jerry Thank God for Doug Casey who has spoken out about McCain! —Martha Why hacks and data breaches are a thing of the past and how control over your privacy will return to you. Click here to discover how you can receive this income URGENT: US Residents Could Get Paid Cash Due to 2008 Bank ScandalsIn 2008, mega-banks misused billions in taxpayer funds. After a review of the banking industry, President Trump signed S.2155 into law. This bill has caused a domino effect in the markets that could mean thousands for investors. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell says: “This bill represents commonsense reform that will help millions of Americans.” Depending on how deep you go, your checks could be as high as $8,979. Some people are paid more… like Ross W., who rakes in $15,111 per check. You can begin receiving these checks in the mail today. Recommended Link And so much more. Recommended Linklast_img

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