Apply for nternet Co’s resume should be like

lead: for people with relevant work experience, so in addition to no points or more than

, I appreciate the characteristics of your resume


has seen hundreds of resumes from last year to now, including product operations and product designers. I am not HR, just want to see the status of job seekers to see if it is necessary to change the more accurate channels to recruit people. I think the purpose of a resume is very simple: no problem and find what may be the right person, and then talk about the right to see whether.

(I am not HR, so it may be in charge of human resources and professional insights into large. The answer is just wise remark of an experienced person. Some of the details may be too strict, but in their actual recruitment is very reliable, effectively reducing the cost of the wrong people to bring the interview.


my entry points, roughly divided into the following categories:

I read your resume to increase the cost of the job (letter and resume)

1 sender name is net name

2 mail title no post, or wrong position

3 resume name does not include the name and position of

4 resume is not PDF version

5 resume has no clear structure

two, give me the ability to judge your professional ability to increase the cost (resume noise)

1 unrelated personal information, such as put their own photos, whether it is registered or large photos or self photographed

(* a lot of people have different views on photos). As you people, only a few simple idea: I love beautiful people, willing to be my Ta colleagues; I envy beautiful people, don’t want to be my Ta colleagues; I don’t love beautiful people, don’t want to be my colleague Ta. No matter how good the job seeker is, you are taking your own risks, because you don’t know what your personal preferences and ideas look like. Such an uncertain factor is not recommended in the inside. Some people say, "I look good, and there’s nothing wrong with the photo. It’s very impressive on my resume.". It is true that the purpose of "impressive" is achieved, but the final decision is the key to professional skills, unless the company is not a lack of recruitment.


2 will be the contents of the application letter written in the resume

3 is too verbose or too short


4 part of the resume skills are not related to the future position of the necessary skills

three, let me feel your professional ability is poor (the effective information in the resume)

1 describes the past experience is too one-sided to do a whole picture of the things do not know

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