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1 Taobao or on-line blacklist features best buyers will be pulled black

news June 24th, according billion state power network understanding, will enhance the protection of the rights and interests of the seller gradually, sources said, the future may on-line blacklist function, so that the seller can pull the black on the part of buyers "".

recently, open was deleted by the seller of goods can recycle baby back, and the deleted goods also has two times to remind function, this feature is gradually open to Taobao sellers, then open to Tmall mall sellers; future will also address the seller because the wrong category was penalized. The problem, the wrong category may be mandatory under the commodity price.

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2 balance treasure or more than more than 1 million 500 thousand users want to follow up

After the promotion of the surge in the number of users

great in strength and impetus, warm market response, let Alipay Celestica fund cooperation and balance treasure business once spread, will lead to the attention of all kinds of financial institutions, regulators also have active voice.

on Friday’s press briefing, the Commission and the relevant responsible person, Alipay launched the balance of treasure and money market fund products, to provide more investment options for investors is to actively explore the market innovation. Regulators have been actively supporting the development of market innovation, institutional innovation and development of the market to provide protection and relaxed environment.

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3 Google glasses on the first line of Chinese applications can be seen throughout the country PM2.5 is an open source project PM2.5 BestApp studio in his spare time, using PM2.5 numerical crawler all parts of the country’s Environmental Protection Bureau, and then processed in a unified API, open out, directly call PM2.5 forecast by all kinds of convenience. The team used before making API, the data in the Google Glass, and the development of the development of the world’s first Google Glass Chinese — Application of, support the view each place through Google Glass Chinese PM2.5.

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