The financial crisis in the capital chain tension electricity sale site pretty things Qiaoyu bankrup


technology news (Wang Kexin) March 26th news, business sale website Qiaoyu pretty things (ihush) 24, said in a letter to employees, because the company is facing a serious financial crisis, still no other proposal to solve the financial problems of the company, so the company liquidation only.

said in the letter, the company in March 25th to stop all activities. "Because the company is facing extremely serious financial problems, the company can only gradually in the next few months, you will be paid in February 2014 and in March, as well as social security. However, the liquidation team shall, after the liquidation of the assets of the company, pay in accordance with the laws and regulations of China and the financial capacity of the company."

currently, the official website of pretty things Qiaoyu still accessible, but have been unable to connect the customer service phone 400-920-1888.

According to

, the pretty things Qiaoyu founded in 2008, founded by revstone, is a sales below half off sale of a single product sale platform. Pretty things Qiaoyu won the Shao Yibo angel investment. In July 2011, pretty things Qiaoyu is today the capital and $43 million in financing Chinese jingwei.

2008, the rise of the domestic flash sale mode,, pretty things Qiaoyu, such as poly still website. These sites, landing the NYSE in 2012, set up the brand, competitors pull away, then the pretty things Qiaoyu shrinking the size. As early as the end of 2012, the media had exposed massive layoffs Qiaoyu pretty things, capital chain tension.

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