Commercial website charges query identity card information into a profit-making tool

Xinhua Beijing, January, 10, spent 5 yuan can check identity details, the news, recently caused many consumers worry about personal information security. Identity cards to provide a number of Web sites that will try their best to ensure the safety of information, but who can guarantee that sensitive information for others to query is not used? What security risks exposed? Xinhua viewpoint reporter conducted an investigation.

citizenship information into a profit-making tool

has many readers to reflect, many provide ID card inquiry service business website on the Internet, only need to pay 5 yuan of money can query ID information true and false, can not only display the certification, can display photos and other information, website, service process detailed, has become a big industry.

According to the

reader tips, reporters visit the provision of the services most of the cattle Network, input a set of real name and ID number, and pay 5 yuan fee after the inquiry found that the photo ID card, address is the latest information of the identity card all shortly before replacement, accurate.

The reporter then login

ip138 equivalent type commercial website, enter a different identity information, use website and Alipay   mobile phone payment; online payment two payment, the payment inquiry. Multiple test results show that when the name and the number of documents matching, it will show the same photo with the certificate, otherwise there will be inconsistent information, please go to the police station to verify the license tips.

it is understood that the currently available online inquiry service is open to the public, there are two types: one is the analysis of free identity card number, or enter the ID number according to the rules of composition, such as the initial analysis showed that documents the issuing authority and the personal date of birth, gender and other information; the other is a reporter experience the ratio of names and numbers and display photo service charges.


survey found that many of these ID query website data support from Beijing guozhengtong Technology Co. ltd.. According to the company’s official website, guozhengtong relying on the national citizen identity information system and three party authority data source for the financial, telecommunications, government agencies, and individual Internet users and other fields to provide identity verification, identity protection and anti fraud and other credit business.

Beijing guozhengtong Technology Co. company staff said, only the user ID information I can see, the company does not get, very safe and reliable, not leak. The company currently has a number of cooperative sites, such as ip168, etc..

although the current identity card information service applications require a lot of checks, but its commercial operation has caused many people’s concerns. Peking University sociology professor Xia Xueluan said: "the citizen’s identity information is a national public resource, the government has the responsibility to protect, in addition to special needs of archives, administration, the other should not be free to the public, including business purposes, should not be used to use this information for profit"

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