Baidu clean up bad businesses from V 2000

Beijing, August (Xinhua) 7 recently, a secret broke the news once again sparked media attention. In August 6th, someone broke the news on the secret "Baidu dropped to 0 businesses in the value of the credit from V, a total of more than 2 thousand." Immediately, entrepreneur magazine official micro media tracking forwarding, causing many users hot, many of whom support the praise and neutral wait and see. In this regard, Baidu official said, Baidu credibility V project has started in late July on the credibility of the value dropped to 0 points of the merchant to withdraw V, the follow-up will launch a series of initiatives to promote the integrity of the ecological construction of the internet.

what is the credibility of V?

in March this year, the network integrity system Baidu credibility V debuted to the public, Baidu credibility V is by credit rating and credit growth value, the site of the qualification, certification, credible behavior, willingness to protect the reputation of a comprehensive evaluation of the credibility of the visually presented to users. Baidu credibility V system is divided into three levels, the higher the level, the better reputation. Internet users can intuitively judge based on the site, clearly determine the transaction risk. When users search for tickets or shopping sites on Baidu, you will find more than a prominent blue V logo, marked in the back of the site link. If the mouse is moved to the V logo, it will be displayed as "Baidu credit rating V", if you click V, you can see the site business reputation file.

credit grade V ranging from 1-3, through the credibility of the evaluation results of the growth value, reflecting the business reputation. Netizens can judge the reliability of the business according to the growth of the value of the business reputation. From the beginning of the credibility of the V launch, Baidu will be the integrity of business conduct research and record, once the business interests of the users of the damages will affect the value of their reputation, reputation as growth dropped to 0, the credibility of the V logo nature will no longer have a Baidu.

in order to enhance the credibility of the V system, following the credibility V, Baidu users rights protection plan to upgrade again, for the users in the state of landing Baidu account, if Baidu credibility V logo click with the search results suffered a false official website or qualification websites, phishing scams, Baidu can provide advance protection.

dishonest business or will be completely cleared of Baidu Internet Ecosystem

2014 7 month, Baidu reputation value will be reduced to 0 businesses to identify the main V forced removal, involving more than 2000 subjects, more than 5 websites. According to Baidu insiders, the V was removed more than 2 thousand merchants. This also means that Baidu’s initiative to withdraw V behavior, the loss of more than 2000 customers.

Baidu why brandished a knife from cut business profits? In this regard, Baidu credibility V project leader, said in an interview, "Baidu credibility V is designed to support businesses to improve and standardize their behavior, its comprehensive evaluation. I hope that through this evaluation, on the one hand, it can search the ecology or the inside of the Internet Ecosystem, so that it becomes more clean, and then form a mechanism for the survival of the fittest, so that high-quality businesses >

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