China business nternet ten year celebration leaders summit – Live Salon

theme: Chinese Commercial Internet ten years celebration

time: -10 October 23, 2008 24

location: Peking University Centennial Hall

organizers: Internet Weekly


Hostess: Thank you for speakers, today is especially rare opportunity, in this time we talk about Internet, we go to the real Internet tycoon, here about their glory and dream of ten years. We have just heard is their next monologue, more exciting, because such a clever person together, their mind stirring brings us what kind of inspiration? Then please our guests forum link


will first introduce the moderator of the forum today, I think he China in business is also a star level character, Zhu Hailong had often referred to with a special low price to buy others shares of Mr. Xiong Xiaoge, I see media reports he is a regular person, is a tough person, but he is a good person, so please a good for us to host the forum, I hope more people say Mr. bear out


host: please Xin Weimin, Zhang Shaofeng, Zhang Xiangdong, Wu Jianrong, Yang Lei, Chen Peifen, Wu Ping, Lu Jie, Zhan Zhongping several guests, please!

Xiong Xiaoge: Hello, I do invest, just say we have some tickets, and earn some money, today is very pleased to attend this meeting, because you can see some ten years ago to know a lot of friends, exchange of experience, to take care of the future. Especially now the financial crisis or, we do some what kind of things, and who cooperate? So present today, we are now beginning to follow the foreign rules! Ladies first, you first introduce what

do ten years ago?

IDG investment partner Xiong Xiaoge

Lu Jie: I am the deputy general manager of Canon Corporation, today I am the only one woman. I didn’t know what the Internet was ten years ago, but at that time I knew a little about this new thing. So Canon China with a lot of companies are the same, the Internet is indispensable to our users to communicate an important bridge. If we can provide a virtual platform, even if they do not have a real experience, they can also feel with us through the Internet, I think this is the benefits of the Internet to our manufacturers. So I think the future of the Internet is immeasurable, I believe manufacturers will have such a good prospect for the development of the Internet platform, thank you!


Xiong Xiaoge: ten years ago for the first time that the Internet was (NET… The company is no longer in existence.

Wu Jianrong: I’m from Procter & Gamble

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