A simple but important rule in the elevator financing speech

I often use a simple rule to promote a product or introduce a company to others, which I call "don’t use ‘" (English: "No Ands").


"do not use" rule is very simple:

you have to use your ideas in a single sentence".

in the past, I used the word may use the word with you for the same reason: my idea is very good, I am particularly excited, I want to share with all my joy. I don’t want people to listen to my speech without any impression. I want them to think the same as me. So I tried to convince them with a lot of "also".

, however, the use of the word not only did not let them understand, but let them confused.

sample A: This is the world’s largest online store, you can buy anything you want.

sample B: This is an e-commerce store, is also a hardware device manufacturer, is also a cloud computing provider, but also a product can be sold (digital products and physical products) place……

you might think that the sample B is ridiculous, and I’ve heard a lot of financing presentations in which entrepreneurs describe their companies or their own products.

"do not use ‘" rule is a simple constraint, you can focus on financing speech. In my opinion, constraints are a key factor in innovation and creativity. When you make a speech to someone else next time, try using this constraint. I think this constraint will make your point clearer, hope that the eyes of the audience no longer dull eyes, you will not be confused about the financing speech.

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