Domestic websites have been diving Alexa ups and downs for which

Beijing time on December 23rd evening 22 points ALEXA research team, hair network monitoring to ALEXA has been updated to date data, and data anomalies disorder, the domestic TOP100 site 80% explosion down. What does it mean? Although Christmas is approaching, but the ALEXA team recently has not stopped their work, perhaps ALEXA this is a small "change", they have been making efforts in anti cheating.

below shows part of the TOP website pictures to everyone.


QQ19 day a ranking diving


Google ranked 21 fell more than 40 visits decreased by 1/3


Taobao two fall together in a week


163 fell enough miserable


sohu14 day fell recently stabilized





search within half a month and


SNS boss happy network also fell


video Cool 6 ups and downs


thunder within 2 weeks from 100-> -> 70-> 150



look at the big wave Sogou

some time ago


TOM 100 or 600

change radically


campus network screenshot, don’t stop



dog – I climb up, I fall ^_^


NetEase Youdao and NetEase like



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